When people come 1st, everyone wins.

In 2012, the founders of Trelevate saw a gap between how companies viewed sales roles and how people wanted to work, live, and grow. Today, we are bridging that gap by creating a culture geared around caring for people. We believe that in sales, there simply is no substitute for talented, motivated people providing superior communication, which leads to real relationships on the ground. And the best way to attract and retain such people is to provide them with an environment where they can thrive.

How To Sell Yourself, Not Your Product

Guidance and support 2nd to none.

Our unique and extremely successful Career Development Program lets sales people grow and get the support and training they need, all while experiencing a better work-life balance. Our special training method educates and enables our team members to develop their unique abilities on an ongoing basis. In this way, we elevate already capable sales professionals to perform at their very best on an on-going basis.

Three levels of Trelevate

Elevating the individual

by investing in his or her skill development, professional training and personal growth.

Elevating others

including clients and co-workers – to their highest potential through effective, efficient sales strategies.

Elevating the future

of On-Demand Sales and the overall success of our clients and their company brands.

7 Ways to Build Trust and Close More Sales

What is the goal of your sales process? Of course it is to land that new deal. However, are you looking to build your sales process for the long term or just for the short term sale? Sales much more that selling a product or service, it is about building relationships.
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How To Sell Yourself, Not Your Product

There is one main reason why used car salesmen have a bad wrap. They do not sell themselves, they sell the product. Remember, people buy from people they like, not people that push a product or service. Selling yourself is just as important as selling your product or service. Sales comes down to building relationships. So,
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Why Sales Team Turnover Can Be A Blessing

Turnover in sales is generally viewed as a headache of the highest order. But with a winning sales culture, turnover can be managed to the benefit of all.
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Five reasons why on-demand sales isn’t as risky as you thought

New approaches to business are often perceived as being riskier than traditional approaches, but this may not always be the case. Newer doesn’t necessarily mean more jeopardy is involved, particularly when, for many companies, traditional efforts have brought mixed results at best. One of the big reasons on-demand or out-sourced sales is gaining so much
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Tap into the power of caused-based selling

Are you utilizing the power of caused-based selling? This selling method does not only apply to non-profits, but also for profit businesses.
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On-demand sales as a service – separating the strategy from the hype

The truth is that on-demand sales is a hot topic right now for good reasons and not such good reasons. The growth of other big on-demand brands like Uber and AirBnB is making on-demand anything a big deal right now. People are trying to figure out how this models applies to other areas including sales.
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