Finding The “It” Candidate

At Trelevate, we are always on the hunt for the next great candidate to join our growing team of go-getters.

What does an ideal Trelevate team member bring to the table? Experience is always a plus, but we’ve found over the years that our best and brightest have these four traits in common.

Character defines a person and their actions and works to build trust with those they serve. Of course, trust is important for any team, but it is absolutely crucial to outsourced sales. Companies trust us every day to represent their brand and that is a task we take very seriously.

Competency allows us to build stronger working relationships within our teams because each and every person understands his or her job, and are able to meet any challenges they may face. Ultimately a competent and skilled team leads to effective business solutions and builds respect in the markets we serve. At Trelevate, the demand for competency is across the board. No one sits in an ivory tower, each person on the team  –  including upper management – knows how to get their hands dirty and walk the walk.

Chemistry is the special ingredient that makes a team unique and extremely effective. When people respect and like the people they work with, and have the same values and habits that generate success, it creates a certain synergy that challenges the status quo, and builds a tight-knit team that will work together to accomplish great things.

Commitment is rigorously tested by everyday actions. Everyone wants to see success in their life, but many don’t have the dedication it takes to get there. Many people want to see growth in their career, but most do not have a plan to make it a reality. The Trelevate team is made up of individuals who are driven to succeed, and we are equally committed to helping them reach their full potential.

One of our leaders was recently recognized by his team for demonstrating our 4 Cs. Before asking his new team to reach certain goals, he hit the pavement to personally accomplish the results he would ask of his crew.

He wanted to show them that it was do-able, and he was willing and capable to do the same things he asked of his staff. Character. Competency. Chemistry. Commitment. It’s in our DNA.

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