What challenges can you have with hiring a large salesforce? Well, let me tell you, there is no way to prepare unless you simply have the experiences that you have learned from.

“Sales teams fall apart when they sit on unproductive people. At Trelevate, we are constantly managing the bottom 20% to ensure maximum performance.”


High volume recruiting and hiring of sales professionals is extremely complex and requires a distinct skill set. Most companies are not set up to handle this fast-paced process and do not have the budget to implement internally.

Because of HR regulations, managers are often saddled with unproductive employees or must go through a variety of timely and costly steps before termination is approved.

Without a strong, and ever-improving salesforce, these companies are losing market share.


Trelevate takes a unique, proactive approach to recruiting. Every manager is interviewing an average of 10 people per week, and we are continuously working to add stellar people to our team.

Turnover is a good thing, and Trelevate is structured to get people in, and out, quickly. Being able to identify and replace underperforming employees allows us to create high- performing outsourced sales teams. Our managers watch for key performance indicators that tell us if an employee will be an asset for our clients. Trelevate offers outstanding training, but we do require results within a certain timeframe – it’s cliché but true, time is money and a team is only as strong as its weakest link. With proactive staffing, we can have new team members in place within a few days.

Below is a view into why Trelevate can manage the people and the process the way that they do.


  • Staff proactively vs. reactively
  • Embraces turnover
  • We manage an average of 500 applications per month across more than a dozen cities
  • Trelevate takes on the HR, liability and costs associated with recruitment, hiring and replacing employees

Go embrace the day (and your turnover),