Audrey Thomas (National Sales Director)

Audrey joins Trelevate as a leader in Sales and Sales Leadership, Business Development, Marketing and Event Management for businesses of all sizes, both national and international in scope. Spending much of her career in the newspaper world has armed her to be very adaptive, resilient and creative, bringing strong market solutions to the marketplace. She has also been a business entrepreneur, launching her own company and eventually selling it to her competitor.

With over 25 years of experience in publishing, marketing, advertising and the healthcare world, she applies strong expertise in connecting with clients in a consultative style. Her passion is working closely with her clients and providing solutions that help them reach their goals. She is high energy and passionate about being a strong business partner with her clients.

Audrey is also an accomplished speaker. Being a keynote speaker at many events over the years-sharing her unique perspective on leadership and building strong workplace environments has been rewarding.  

A Minnesota native- (Go Vikes and Twins!) is a force of nature- and always on the go.

She is a Wife, Mom and Grandma (of 4)  and very focused on her family.

She has been a mentor to many young women-providing support, love and guidance to them as they began their journey into adulthood, or at the beginning of their careers. She is still close to all of them today, one of them naming their daughter after her.

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