A Model for Success

Imagine being able to quickly activate a highly motivated sales force that is deeply connected to your brand, all without having to hire or train a single person. Trelevate makes that dream a reality.

As a leader in sales outsourcing, Trelevate provides a comprehensive, highly cost-effective sales channel solution for acquiring new customers quickly and strategically within the SMB space.

Like the answer to any complex equation, the solution is never found in a single step. Our multi-faceted model is carefully designed to deliver predictable results, in any market and any industry.

We develop a strong and differentiated brand for clients, identify the right people for the team, create a culture that attracts and motivates top talent and deploy customized, strategic sales plans.

Develop a unique go-to-market strategy

We start each partnership at Trelevate with an in-depth assessment of your organization, brand and competition.

This gives us an intimate understanding of your business, which allows us to customize a sales engine, develop a genuine differentiation for the product – and then successfully take it to market.

With Trelevate’s proven approach to sales, our clients are able to:

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Deliver predictability and productivity
  • Respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions
  • Generate more, long-term sales contracts

Hire the right people

For on-demand sales to truly be effective, shared values between the client and sales partner must serve as the foundation for recruitment, training and management.

To achieve maximum results, the sales team must understand all aspects of not only the product or service, but the overall marketing strategy and brand they represent.

That is why careful talent selection and resourcing are critical to achieving desired sales results. Trelevate utilizes the best HR and management practices to recruit, screen, train, support and manage your outsourced sales force.

We are conducting interviews and adding top performers to our team – every single day – to ensure we always have the right resources for our clients.

But it’s not enough to simply check off a list of requirements, we go deeper and look for something special, evaluating each candidate against our guiding principles, The 4 Cs: Character, Competency, Chemistry and Commitment.

Build a team aligned with your brand

At Trelevate, we match the people to the project. Instead of assigning the next sales associate in line to an account, we look for professionals who will specifically fit the brand and marketplace for each individual client.

By aligning ourselves with the client’s brand philosophy and internal hiring policies – including experience, background and drug screening – we can build an ideal profile of competency and experience based on who you want to represent your company.

Motivate employees for great work

Beyond compensation, it’s important to understand what truly motivates people and the psychology behind engaging an elite outsourced sales team. Trelevate utilizes a combination of monetary motivators, growth opportunities and personalized support to keep our sales teams productive and hungry to exceed sales goals.

Unlike most outsources sales providers, we offer employees a base salary, ongoing training and unlimited potential for growth.

We possess deep expertise in attracting, training and managing dedicated sales teams to achieve immediate and long-term growth. By maintaining an environment that continuously supports and challenges our people, we empower talented sales professionals to perform at their very best for our clients.

Our proprietary Career Development Program (CDP) is designed to allow team members to develop and enhance their unique abilities on an ongoing basis.

Put your sales plan into action

We prefer to partner with clients who view us as an extension of their business and who work with us to develop targeted strategies and KIPs for each market.

The deployment of customized sales plans is rooted in building relationships, and our face-to-face approach to sales leaves a lasting impact on customers – one that translates into direct sales results and multi-year contracts.

By building models that accurately predict sales outcomes, we help clients plan and develop large-scale sales strategies, maximize results, improve efficiencies and elevate the customer experience.

Contact us today to learn more about joining the Trelevate team or how our brand ambassadors can help take your sales to the next level.

Elevated people

Our staff receives ongoing training to make sure that they are up to date and knowledgeable.

Experienced + Energetic

Our staff represents the best in sales strategy. Friendly, approachable and professional.

Build brand equity

We have decades of experience building brand equity and executing effective, proprietary sales strategies.

Local knowledge

With offices in major cities, we have staff that know your market and are ready to execute sales rapidly.