How to Determine if Sales Outsourcing is Right for You

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Let’s start by defining Sales Outsourcing since the term can sometimes be a little ambiguous. Sales outsourcing is when a business chooses to have an agency or individual take over certain aspects of their sales process. For example, if you’re an energy company, you might outsource the B2B sales of your product. You could also do your sales in-house and simply outsource the lead generation aspect of your business to an agency.

There are many reasons why a company would choose an outsourced sales team. We’ve put together a list of reasons why some businesses decide to go with an outsourced sales team to help you determine if this move is right for you.

3 Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their Sales

• Lack of Experience

• Scalability Issues

• Cost Efficiency

Lack of experience in sales can be a business killer. Your sales team is responsible, not only for landing deals but also professionally representing your brand. Selling products and services is the core of our business and what we do best. If you’re a company that has developed a fantastic product/service, but you lack the skills to sell that product, you might as well not have a business. You need both halves to succeed in your industry. So if you have something worth selling, we can deliver reliable sales figures.

Scalability is another issue facing businesses. Imagine that you have a product or service that sells so well, you can’t keep up with the demand. You need more salespeople out in the field, but you can’t hire, train, and retain your employees fast enough. That’s another advantage of sales outsourcing. You can simply tell us about your needs as a business, and we build a model that works for you and the growth of your business. In other words, we cost-effectively grow with your business.

Speaking of, it should be no surprise that cost-efficiency is the number one reason businesses come to us for their sales needs. As a business owner, you know the cost of starting a new employee is much more than just their base salary. By using an outsourced sales team like Trelevate, you pay for performance right out of the gate. You also avoid the financial burden of healthcare and insurance costs as well. We give you all the benefits of having a highly skilled sales team with none of the startup headaches and expenses.

In short, sales outsourcing benefits companies that have a product or service that demands scalability over time. We highly recommend this type of service, particularly for B2B sales. At Trelevate, we’ve helped many B2B companies grow and continue to partner and grow with them today. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, click here.

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