5 Ingredients of A Strategic Sales Plan to Improve Your Sales Performance

Your business has been successful in sales for years and for some reason the effectiveness of your sales staff has decrease in recent years. Maybe you need better personal, maybe new competition has entered the market, or maybe your strategic sales plan is just not working. The point is, you need to evaluate your sales plan. So, let’s take a look at the ingredients to a solid sales plan.

5 Ingredients of A Strategic Sales Plan

If you are in one of these scenarios above, it is time to take a deep look at your strategic sales plan and redevelop your plan for success, not failure. Here are 5 ingredients that you should have in your strategic sales plan.

Culture Alignment

According to Deloitte, 9 out of 10 executives believe that culture is a significant driver of business success. When your sales force aligns with the company culture they will be more engaged and produce better results. Developing programs that give back to the community, or caused based programs, will help align personal values with company goals.

Get Out Of Your Way

Does your company have meetings to have meetings? Is your sales staff able to get out and sell your product? One of the biggest obstacles in business is getting out of your own way. When you let yourself actually get out and work, you are going to get better results. Establish a disciplined routine and stick to it.

Address Your Market

Do you know who you are targeting and trying to sell your product or service too?  Many sales professional are just selling to sell. However, when you know your ideal audience, you are able to find customers that are ready and willing to buy your product. Fulfilling needs is much easier than selling another product nobody needs.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Does your marketing department know what your sales department is doing, working on, and targeting? The answer is probably no. When your company aligns sales and marketing and each department is on the same page, things start to click. The target customer of the marketing group should be the same as the sales department. The goals of the marketing department should align with the goals of the sales team. Alignment is key when trying to get your message heard in a noisy environment.


This is simple. Your strategic sales plan all comes down to the execution. Without execution, even the best sales plan is going to fail. So, get on the phone and knock on some doors.


A strategic sales plan is vital for the success of your business and sales department. Use these 5 ingredients to ensure that your sales plans are effective and get the results you are looking for. Remember, sales is hard. Make sure that you are setting your sales staff up for success.

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