7 Ways to Build Trust and Close More Sales

How many times have you walked into a sales appointment and walked away empty handed? Sure, we all have. Welcome to sales.

The one thing that I have learned over the years of selling, is it is not about the sale, it is about the relationship. It is about the people. It is about providing a solution to a problem. It is never really about the sale.

So, today let’s look at 5 ways to build trust with your customer. This will help you close more sales and get more referrals.

Do Not Over Promise

The saying is, “under promise and over deliver.” This is also true in sales. Nobody wants to feel ripped off after they sign that contract. They want to feel they are getting what they signed up for.

If you know your company cannot deliver the service or solution the customer is asking for, do not commit to it. This is going to hurt the brand reputation and will make future sales harder. Know the limitation of your product or service and make sure you do not over promise.

Listen To Your Customer Needs

The next time you are in a board room, living room, or sales meeting change your approach. Listen to the customer. Most of us do not listen to understand, we listen to respond. We are always looking for that next counterpoint, fact, or rebuttal.

In my selling experience, you will close more sales by listening than by talking. Your customer is going to open a door or two. They are going to voice their frustration with their current products or services. They are going to give you the chance to make the sale. You just need to be listening.

Create Solutions

Creating solutions for you customers goes hand in hand with listening. As your customer opens the door with frustrations, needs, and questions, it is your job as the salesperson to create a solution that fits their need.

Think of it this way. Your customer tells you that they spend 3-4 hours per day doing accounting tasks for their business. You as the salesperson know that your software solution can cut that in half. You now have a way to create a solution for the customer.

“Did you know that our software platform has integrated financial reporting, billing, and payroll functions? I know that our platform can help you save time and let you focus on the tasks needed to run your business.”

The solution that the customer is looking for is right under their nose, you just need to be able to create that solution for them.

Be The Expert

Get to know your product inside and out. Get to know how other customers are using your product. Use your product daily. Get to know your competition and industry. The point here is you must know your product so well that you are the expert. Your customer wants to buy a product from the expert, not someone that is just reciting the sales pamphlet.

Build trust in your sales process because you are the expert. This will help you create better solutions for your customer and land more deals.

Be A Real Person

People buy from people, not robots. As you are out with your potential customer be real, be you. People are going to see through the fake smile and fake tan. Let your customer know your story. Let the customer know how you use your product or service. This will help you build relationships that lasts.

Do Not Accept Bribes

I feel like this is a given. One of the fastest ways to kill your reputation is accepting bribes for services. We have all heard of bribes “greasing” the wheels of a sale. But in reality this does not work. In fact, bribes do not increase company profit, they just hurt the company’s reputation.

Be Honest

In sales there is going to be bad news from time to time. I was once working with an insurance agent getting a new auto policy.  The quote came in $15 dollars per month higher than the quoted price. The agent handled the news like a champ.

“I know I quoted your price $15 dollars cheaper, but I forgot to add extra coverage for your home.”

He was honest and people makes mistakes, the agent still walked away with the sale. Now, if he tried to cover it up or misrepresent the fact, there would have been a different outcome.

The bottom line is be honest, people want to know that you are going to stick by your word and treat them like people, not just another number.


To be the best salesperson, you need to build relationships. This is the best way to provide value to your customer. Sales is about relationships, so get out there and start building lasting relationships.

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