On-Demand Sales as a Service – Separating the Strategy from the Hype

The truth is that on-demand sales is a hot topic right now for good reasons and not such good reasons. The growth of other big on-demand brands like Uber and AirBnB is making on-demand anything a big deal right now. People are trying to figure out how this models applies to other areas including sales.

But we think the real reason for being excited about on-demand sales is specialization, not commoditization. Why should the same organization that excels in providing a product or service be expected to excel in selling that product or service? That is the question that the new on-demand sales model asks, and it’s a good one to think about.

In an era of increased specialization in every aspect of business, does it make sense for your company to try to be great in sales too? And if you’re not great in sales, why aren’t you finding a partner who is to do your sales for you?

The on-demand, or sharing economy is already introducing radical new levels of efficiency to activities like transportation. On demand sales is seeking to similarly boost efficiency in the business space through the sales-as-a-service offering. The key is to find the right level of service to support your brand.

When you order an Uber, you really don’t care who the driver is. When you hire a team to do your sales for you, who they are should really matter to you. Do you want just anybody representing your brand in the field? On-demand sales doesn’t have to mean casual or off the cuff sales. In fact, the best practices in on-demand sales call for more attention to recruitment, training and success management not less.

The right on-demand sales partner should provide a compelling strategic plan for how they will reach your sales goals, and reliable metrics for tracking performance. Fundamentally, they should be more focused, passionate and prepared for sales than your organization is itself.

Rather than merely outsourcing a commoditized function, like driving a car, you are actually engaging greater talent than you could identify, motivate and retain in-house. When executed in this manner, on-demand sales isn’t a step down, it’s a big step up.

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