5 Ways to Equip Your Sales Team For Success

How does your company equip your sales team to drive business results?

When was the last time your company sat down and looked at the sales tools your team uses? Is your sales team equipped to make a sale and nurture leads? Here at Trelevate, we have seen many companies miss the mark when it comes time to equip your sales team to be effective. Here are our 5 ways to get your sales team ready to close more deals, this applies for both internal sales team and outsourced sales solutions.

Define Your Goals

There are thousands of factors that your company can not control. The selling environment, the competition, and the economy are out of your control. There is one thing that your business can control and that is your sales team. Make sure that you set goals and let your sales team know what you expect of them. By setting individual goals for each sales representative you will be able to control the external factors, and set your team up for success. The goals you set should be part of the bigger, company-wide initiatives.

Know Your Target Market

Do your sales representatives know the target market? Start by knowing the industry, financial feasibility, and location of your ideal customer. Defining these attributes for your sales team will let them focus on finding the right customer. The customer that is ready to buy your product or service. Equip your sales team with the data needed to find the right customer and target new prospects.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Is your sales team still using excel, post it notes, or a journal for sales pipeline development? If so, it is time to give your sales team a CRM system that can track the progress of leads. This will help your sales team nurture leads and contact sales opportunities at the right time. A CRM is a sales tool that is becoming more and more important in the busy sales environment.

Marketing Automation

The sales process has thousands of repetitive tasks and because of this, many leads go cold. Marketing automation will equip your sales team to follow up with prospects at the right times. For example, your prospect never opened the email with your sales proposal. Your marketing automation system can follow up with the prospect for your sales team. Marketing automation will allow your sales team to nurture more leads and close more deals.

Sales Tools

When was the last time you looked at your sales tool kit? You know the tri-fold, brochure, leave behind, and sales deck. These tools are important pieces of collateral for your sales team. Give your sales team the right tools to close the deal. A polished sales kit will also give your sales team confidence to get in front of your new prospect.


In order to continue to grow your business through sales, you must equip your sales team with the right tools. As basic as understanding your customer to marketing automation workflows, your sales team needs the right sales tools to be successful.

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