How To Sell Your Product To Target Customers

Your sales team goes out day after day with the same results. Your business continues to see flat year over year sales. What gives? Your sales team is working their tails off meeting with prospects and setting meetings left and right. Well, the problem might be less your sales team, but the prospects they are selling. The goal should be to sell your product to target customers, the customer that are ready to buy from you now.

5 Ways To Sell Your Product To Target Customers

Easier said than done, I know. Sales is a hard game but can be made easier by selling your products to a target group of customers. In order to get more bang for your buck, here are 5 ways to start targeting your customer and start selling more.

Build A Customer Persona

A customer persona is a fictional summary of your ideal customer. The customer that is going to buy your product or service. Part of a well-rounded customer persona includes the obstacles and pinpoints of this ideal customer. Knowing these obstacles and pain points will help you craft a sales pitch and create a sales deck that will close.

Develop A Strategic Sales Plan

Do you know if the customer you are pitching is a good cultural fit for your organization? A strategic sales plan will help you align sales and marketing, set goals, target the right customer, and help your sales team execute. In order for your team to sell to the right customer, they need a strategic sales plan to execute against.

Build A Relationship

I do not have to tell you, sales do not happen overnight. Start the sales process by building relationships. Yes, this will take more time than asking for the quick hit but the close rate will be higher if your prospect knows who they are buying from. It is really this easy, sales start and end with relationships.

Nurture Your Leads

Nurturing your leads is part of a solid marketing automation system.There are many benefits to marketing automation like the ability to continually provide value through the entire sales process. This could be an automated email or a phone call just to say, “hello.” The point here is it can take up to 16 touched before that prospect signs on the dotted lie. Keeping top-of-mind and nurturing your lead through the sales cycle will allow your to close more deals.

Find The Right Referral Channels

Does your business have the right referral channel? Do you know other businesses that are talking with similar clients as you? For example, you sell software to businesses that help automate marketing activities. It might make sense to build your referral channel to include accountants or commercial real estate agents that deal with the same businesses you are targeting. The right referral channel will pay off over and over again. Again, it goes back to creating relationships.


Sell your product to target customers and ensure that the sales cycle is smooth. By selling to the right person, you are going to cut out the friction in the sale.

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