Who is Trelevate?

Trelevate is an outsourced sales company that partners with industry leaders in healthcare, technology, automotive, and energy to provide our sales team with something worth selling.

Our leadership team has worked with AT&T, Time Warner, Sprint, UPS, Constellation Energy, and we’re always making new deals with the very best of every industry.

By partnering with giants in these high-earning markets, Trelevate gives you the power to write your own paycheck.

Why People Get into Sales

The number one reason people get into sales is the earning potential. No other occupation can boast such an impressive salary range. Our top performers have earned anywhere from $10,000 - $18,000 in a single month in commissions (not even including their base salary).

Being paid the amount you deserve is the foundation of building a talented team, and that’s where Trelevate excels.



Getting to set your own pace without supervision is one of the most liberating experiences you’ll ever know.

Open Roads and Travel

Another reason people like sales is the freedom, getting away from a desk and actually connecting with people in their community.

As a salesperson, you set your own pace. No more managers looking over your shoulder, no micromanagement, you’re free to do your job the way you want.

Top performers even get to travel for special events, earn trips/ cruises, and so much more.

You’ll be in Good Company

Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, and Howard Schultz (besides being among the richest men in the world and the most recognized CEOs), all started in sales.

In the tech and medical industry, around 70% of CEOs started in sales. It’s the skills you learn at Trelevate that will help you achieve lifelong dreams and serve as the foundation for a successful career.

Why Work for Trelevate?


Uncapped Commissions

When there’s no roof, the sky is the limit.

As an outsourced sales organization, we partner with Fortune 500 companies, giving meaning back to the phrase uncapped commissions. We mean it when we say you write your own paycheck.

Our training program is really what sets Trelevate apart. We offer comprehensive training and support that is designed to teach you valuable life skills. Our approach is to make you an expert in sales and people, not just a particular product or service. This approach will allow you to succeed in any market, any career path you choose, whether that’s with us or another company in the future.

Our Career Development Program

trelevate culture.JPG

Outstanding Career Development Program (CDP)

At Trelevate, you’ll build lasting relationships with leaders in the industry and skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

We also believe in upward mobility. 80% of our leadership started as a sales representative. Their hard work and experiences allowed them to accelerate their career and become a fixture at Trelevate. We’ve grown year over year, providing people with the opportunity to grow into leadership roles more quickly than any other sales business.

We also believe in our training program and managers, that’s why we are willing to invest in you. Unlike most sales companies, we offer paid training, a base salary with performance increases, paid travel, and a full benefits package. We believe in providing you with a strong foundation so you can build your own future.


People go into sales because they know it’s one of the few industries that rewards hard work and commitment dollar-for-dollar.

So whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a seasoned sales pro or just getting into the field, come learn why Fortune 500s choose to partner with the winning team at Trelevate.